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HoM Guide to 30 Part 1

I know everyone and their mother has a guide to 30 or guide to 50 out there, but I figured I'd share mine anyway since I went about it slightly different than what a lot of those guides I read suggested.  I have also been able to get close to 30 in a relatively short amount of time.As of right now I am 30/30 (although keep in mind I am a college student so a lot of this was done when I was on vacation from school and some of it was help from guildies/allies and a very wonderful Secret Santa) but for the most part, I did a lot of this on my own with very little help from people. I'm also doing this in several parts as it could get long and wordy.

I also got there pretty quick considering I started playing July 29th of last year (2011 for those of you who might read this in the future!). I completed my 30 on January 21, 2012. It took me a little less than 6 months (probably would have taken me less time if I had more time to play and hadn't got sick).

Anywho, on with the show!


Being a new player, I did not have the luxury of having a bazillion mini pets in my inventory due to birthday gifts. So what's a newbie to do? Hit Spamaden! (Kamaden for those not familiar with the nickname) You can also find people selling in Eye of the North or Lion's Arch, but I have found that some of the best prices are in Kamaden.  I have gotten first year white minis for as low as 500g, but typically they sell for 1k. I would refuse to buy any first year minis for more than that. They are the most common and, in my opinion, are not worth more than 1k.  Others can go upward of 10k or more, but I have never paid more than 10k for a white mini. That's a little ridiculous, unless it's a rarer white mini that not a lot of people have, then I can see the logic. Anyway, I filled my HoM with the white minis pretty easily and pretty inexpensive as well. I think the most I paid for one was 5k or 6k? I can't really remember as I didn't keep track.  You just have to know how to wheel and deal, something I'm very good at. Most people will be accommodating and will bargain with you. If you really want to know if you are getting a good deal, check out http://argos-soft.net/GwEstimator/ . It's not the most accurate since it just takes the data from the trade channel of Kamaden, but it will give you a good idea of what people are selling them for.

As for gold (rare) mini pets and green (unique) mini pets, well there are a few ways to get these. Some golds drop in game, other than the bday presents, but like their name suggests, they are pretty rare (unless you are one of those annoying lucky people that gets rare drops all the time). The green ones are a little harder to get, but there is an in-game, cross campaign, scavenger hunt to get one. It takes a bit of time, most of the 3 campaigns to be open, and a bit of money to do, but it's worth it. You could always buy one, but I found the Black Moa Chick to be very rewarding...even if a lot of people have them. The other ways to get green minis are to get them as drops throughout the world.

So once you have 20 miniatures, including the rare and unique one, that should put you at 5 points. Woo! I can't remember how long it took me to get all of that, but not too long as I bought most of my minis. The rare and a few whites were given to me from guildies.

Oh! Very important: make sure you write down all the minis you have and keep that by your computer. That way you know which ones you have and you don't end up buying duplicates. I made that mistake once. It's also a good idea to keep track of other things, like for armor.

Points you now have: 5

Which leads us to our next section...


For a lot of people, armor is the hardest and the most expensive to get. I agree with this. It took me a few weeks to get all of the stuff I needed for my first armor set, which was the Ancient armor. I just salvaged everything that said salvageable on it, I would sell stuff that had improved sale value to make other money and I went to the material makers (before I realized that sometimes it was cheaper to go to the Rare Material Traders) and had the rare material crafted. I found later that sometimes guildies are willing to give you extra rare (or even common) materials you might need, so don't be shy about asking. Also, offer to pay them for it too. Most of the time, they will just give it to you, but every once in a while (like if it's super rare) they will want to sell it to you. It all depends on the person though.

For my second set of armor, the Elite Kurzick, I was actually given the amber chunks which are the really rare materials needed to make them. I participated in a Secret Santa exchange and mine gave me the Amber Chunks and two hero armors which is what I needed. It was a huge burden lifted for me since I was just planning to buy the Amber Chunks off of the Rare Material Trader at about 1k each. You need 80 if you want the full set (which I got). You only need 75 if you plan to not get the helm. Also, the way you regularly get the Amber chunks is buying them with Kurzick faction which you can get by doing many forms of PvP. The most common in Jade Quarry which you can find a write-up for here. Then you can buy the chunks for 5k kurz faction. If you'd rather have the Luxon armor, it's the same thing, just on the Lux side. Although the Jadeite Shards are much cheaper on the Rare Material Trader...so that's something to consider if you want to buy them.

You don't need to buy the headpiece of your armor for it to be in the HoM. I did because by the time I remembered that, it was too late and I had already had the facemask (for ranger) made. For my third set, I'm not getting the helm as this is the most expensive set

Now for the last set of armor (I'm only shooting for 3, 2 of which are a point of their own), I am going for the Vabbian armor set, which is probably the second most expensive in terms of materials needed. You need 14 sapphires and 14 rubies if you don't get the helm (which I did not get this time).

My strategy for the Vabbian armor is pretty simple. Since the rubies and sapphires are the same price as Ectos (glob of ectoplasm) on the RMT, I just get ectos and trade them for rubies/sapphires 1:1. Now acquiring ectos is all up to you. So far, I've either farmed them or won them. You can also buy them but you might as well buy the rubies/sapphires off the RMT if you are going to go that route. It's really up to you and how quickly or inexpensively you want to get your armor.

As for the rest of the material, it's all pretty standard. You actually need a lot less material for this one than for most elite armor sets. Not including the helm you need:

  • 28 Elonian Leather Squares
  • 14 Sapphires
  • 14 Rubies
  • 175 cloth
  • 20 platinum
It looks deceptively easy, but the Sapphires and Rubies can be a pain to get. The wiki has other suggestions on how to get them, but for me, buying them off the RMT or trading ectos for them seems to be the easiest way.

This should give you 4 points toward your HoM calculator.

As with everything, you can always get lucky and win a set of armor or anything if you tune into GWEN radio, especially when they have an event going on.

Points you now have: 9

So that concludes the first part of this guide. It's not in the exact order that I did it, but I will update it when I complete anything that I have yet to complete. I will get the next part out as soon as I can.


Onward to Part 2!

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