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HoM Guide to 30 Part 2

Hi! Welcome back to the second part of my Hall of Monuments Guide! In this section, I am going to talk about  the Heroes and Pets section and the Weapons section, if it doesn't get to wordy, I will also cover the Titles section since I didn't end up getting very many of those. Feel free to refer back to Part 1 if you need to!

HoM Points from Part 1: 9

Off we go!

Heroes and Pets

The first pet I got was the Black Moa. This didn't take very long to get since we (my boyfriend and I) were already in Factions anyway. All you have to do to get this is do the quest Beak of Darkness and there you go! Any pets you put in your Hall have to be level 20 and when you charm the Moa, it's already at level 20. It's probably the easiest pet to get.

The other pets are relatively easy to get as well, with the exception of the Black Widow which requires you to go into the Underworld. You can also buy the pets from the Zaishen Menagerie but it takes a lot PvPing to get it. It all depends on you though and what you want to do. I skipped the Black Widow and just ended up getting more hero armor instead.

Hero armor is pretty easy to get if you buy it or if you go do the missions. We did the one mission to get Sunspear armor a few times and we got those to drop for us. That is how we got our first two hero armors. The rest I bought, although 2 of them were given to me as gifts. In all, I have 10 statues. 

Oh! I found out that the heroes do not have to be level 20 to be put in your Hall. All you need for them is the armor. 

As for obtaining the Heroes, I would suggest starting in Nightfall since that gives you the most, then go to Eye of the North which gives you even more. You can also start in EotN as those heroes are at 20 and then go to Nightfall, but it's up to you. I can't remember what we did exactly, but as soon as we could go to the other campaigns from Prophecies, we went to either EotN or NF to get heroes.

Also, if you have the Game of the Year edition, you get MOX and he can be put in the Hall without any special armor at all. 

These are the pets/heroes I have:

  • Master of Whispers
  • Koss
  • Dunkoro
  • Acolyte Sousuke
  • Livia
  • Pyre Fierceshot
  • Animal Companion
  • Black Moa
  • Imperial Phoenix
  • MOX

The Animal Companion statue is for the Black Moa. You can get a regular animal companion too if you want, but any rare pet counts for the statue as well so it's rather like killing two birds with one statue heh.

All of these I got over time so I am not sure how long it took me to get them individually. It was kind of like the mini pets, I would get one when I would see one for sale or I would win them. I won a few of the hero armors from an event and was given a couple of them for Wintersday. 

The Phoenix I actually death leveled to 20 since it was only level 5 at the time I captured it. It was a fairly simple process which you can find on the wiki so I won't go over it here. That took me about an hour and I left my computer while it was going since it's boring sitting there watching you kill yourself over and over again.

So when all is said and done, that will give you 6 more points in your HoM. This one is fairly easy, like the mini pets since most of it can be bought from other players if you want to.

Points you now have: 15

This leads us on to Weapons.


Weapons are relatively easy to get as well...and surprisingly cheap (says the person who has money). If you want to just flat out buy the weapons, the going rate for all but the Tormented is 65k. I find this rather reasonable considering the time it would take to get all the materials you need for those two weapons.

Oppressor Weapons- this one has been touted as the easiest to obtain. I actually won mine, but if you aren't lucky enough to win one, all you have to do is complete War in Kryta and you will earn enough Medals of Honor for one.  If you don't want to do that, you can buy War Supplies and trade them for MoH. You need 250 WS for 10 MoH for one weapon. You can find WS for cheaper than the MoH generally. When in doubt, look at Argos.

Destroyer Weapons- These are slightly harder to get, but still easier than Tormented. Once I realized I had the materials for this, it was pretty easy. You do need two kinds of rare materials for this weapon, Diamonds (which you can find the hard way or just buy off the Rare Material Trader which is what I did) and Onyx Gemstones (same deal as Diamonds). I ended up buying my rares and while it was a tad bit expensive (I think at the time Diamonds were around 2.5k or something, now they are up to around 3k) it was worth it to me since I didn't want to go running around trying to get them the hard way. It saved me time and sanity and those are much harder to make than money, haha.  Getting to the place where you craft the weapons is relatively easy as long as you have completed A Time For Heroes, which is the last mission in EotN. Or, as always, you can just buy a weapon from someone but make sure it's not customized to them, or you will not be able to put it in your HoM.

Tormented- Again, you can get this the easy way or the hard way. I have yet to get this one as I need the ectos to buy the armbrace for it. They typically go for 23 or 24 ectos (I bought mine for 23 ectos and 8k, so essentially 24 ecto) and you need one to trade for a weapon. You also need to complete NightFall to be able to gain access to the place that offers the weapons, or you could have someone go for you, but I'm a do-it-yourselfer (for some things, anyway) and I like to go pick out my own weapon. Plus I'm super indecisive most of the time so it takes me a while to pick out my shiny.  This is my plan though, if you want to get one yourself, there's a lovely guide on the wiki for that. I have more interest in getting them as quickly as possible so I'm not going to go into detail about it.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Make sure that if you got a weapon for another character that you bring that character to your HoM to dedicate it because as soon as you dedicate it, you can only use it on that character. That's right. It customizes to your character. It even warns you before it does it..but some of us are oblivious and we just click, click, now my ranger has a nice shiny destroyer staff for a Ritualist! So now I run a ritualist build every once in a while to justify the expensive staff my ranger has. Just be aware of that. Also, you need tapestries to put weapons/armor/heroes and pets/mini pets in your HoM for each character! Until you get those tapestries (which are pretty easy to obtain by doing the quests in EotN or by buying them) you just have to hang on to your weapon.

As for how long it took me to get these, not too long once I had all the materials. I got them the same day I had all the materials. It takes more time to get to some of the places than it takes to get the materials, unless you have someone you trust get them for you or buy them. The tormented took the longest because I had to get ectos. I got 15 ectos and then just bought the rest. It took me about 4 days to get 15 ecto, your mileage may vary, though. `

After all is said and done, this will give you 4 more points.

Points you now have: 19

The last few points come from the Honor (Titles) Monument. This is one of the easiest to fill, as we are only going to take on 5 titles. Although, one of them is the PvP title, so maybe not as easy as you think.


So this is probably one of the easier ones since you only need 5 titles to get the remaining points (although you can work on this one as you are doing the other ones as well).

If you do all three campaigns, that's three titles right there! But wait, there's more! If you go finish and elite dungeon like Fissure of Woe (this is the one I did) that's another title that doesn't require grinding.

The last title you need, and this one could require grinding, is the PvP title. This is worth a whopping 3 points! It's quite intimidating if you don't want to PvP (I'm not a very big PvP'er). ArenaNet must of thought this through because they have this wonderful thing called a Zaishen Key (zkey)! How does one obtain these wonderful things? Well, through PvP! But...that doesn't make sense! 

Let me explain further: there are many ways to obtain zkeys that don't require you to PvP. You can do the daily missions, quests, bounties to gain Zaishen coins which can be used to get zkeys, but this takes a really long time. You can also buy them, but at 5.5-6k a pop, that can get really expensive. You can win them. You can do Jade Quarry, which while it is PvP, it's not as bad as the straight PvP and I find it quite fun. Yes, you have to fight people but there's strategy involved in it and you get faction if you win or lose so either way, it's a win. All you need is the faction to trade for zkeys. This is all stuff you can find on the wiki but I'm sure you are dying to know how I got my 200 zkeys so darn quick.

Well, first I started doing JQ's and I got to about 65 points in the title track. I stopped for a little bit and then they had a double faction weekend for JQ's. I jumped on that! I ended up going from 65 to 200 points throughout the weekend. Others were more hardcore than I was and went further but there is only so much PvP I can take before I get burnt out. For the rest of my points, I recently participated in the Snowball Automated Tournaments, or ATs as they were commonly referred to. I went from 200 points to 1,000 over the course of the event, and even had some zkeys left over to sell. Of course, there were times when I would leave my boyfriend's account logged into one of our ally's AFK groups and just get keys for being in the group. That helped too. 

I know it's a little late to do this now, but keep your eyes open for events like the double faction. I found out on the wiki that was what the weekend event was, just check the wiki every week. I keep it on my hotbar right next to Twitter and check it every day (I also follow them on Twitter, but it's been a while since they posted).

Also, there are several other PvP titles, like the Gamer title which counts toward the PvP statue. I ended up getting a full rank and a half by doing the Ats on my characters and I wasn't even really trying. I believe you advance this one by doing holiday PvP events, which tend to be a little easier than usual PvP (and really fun sometimes, but I'll do a write-up on that later).

Oh and one great thing about PvP titles is that they only have to be up to Rank 3 to be put in the HoM, you don't have to max these titles out to put them in your HoM.

However, I've been told the easiest way for a non-PvP'er is the zkey you get cool stuff from the chest as well which you can sell and fund other things for your HoM.

For me, this was the path of least resistance as I did not want to grind out titles. The only title that was a bit of a grind was the PvP one. If you don't want to do that, there are other ways to get the extra 3 points you need without grinding titles, but you also need another title in Honor to get the 5 title points. I would suggest doing another dungeon like Urgoz's Warren (you also get Kurz faction for that which can go toward Amber Chunks for your Kurz armor). When all is said and done, you should have 11 points in your Honor monument.

Points you now have: 30

That concludes this guide! I actually have a few more points to get since I haven't hit 30 yet, but this is the way I have achieved it in a relatively short amount of time. It is doable, you just have to pay attention to things and take advantage of things, like double faction weekends and community run events. Getting into a great guild is also a plus, but this is all able to be done solo, it just might take you a little longer than it took me. Also, feel free to check out your own HoM calculator because there might be something on there that you feel like you could do instead of what I suggested to get points in other ways. Someone on suggested the Protector title tracks could be a good one since most people have most of those done. I didn't go this route because some of the bonuses were near impossible for me to get. Instead, I went with doing one of the elite dungeons. I hope this helps you out and good luck getting to 30! See you in Guild Wars 2!

To see what my HoM looks like thus far: Dragnof Chaos's HoM

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