Monday, December 12, 2011


So, I'm really not a PvP'er. I like just being able to kill mobs and not have them fight back too hard against me. I'm kind of a wuss, or at least I thought I was.

A couple of weeks ago, Guild Wars had a double Balthzar/Imperial Faction weekend for Jade Quarry/ Fort Aspenwood type PvP. I spent all weekend doing Jade Quarry and I have now grown to love PvP, at least that type of PvP. I'm still a little skittish when it comes to full on just killing people PvP. The one experience I had in that was terrible. I got laughed at for having Barrage and it kind of scared me away from the whole thing.

But JQ, I love JQ. :)

First let me explain a little about what JQ is, in case you are unfamiliar. Basically, you have a team of people and they are trying to get enough jade into their quarry before the other team. The first to 10 points wins. There are 3 quarries and you have to capture them and hold them while your Juggernaut(Kurzick) or Turtle(Luxon) carries the jade from that quarry to your base.

Sounds simple, right? Ha! Not so fast!

Not only do you have to keep the quarries from being taken over from the opposing teams, you have to also keep the opposing team from killing your Juggernaut or your Turtle as well as take over guard towers that they might have taken over that are in the path of your respective thing that is carrying your jade. Doing most or all of this almost always guarantees success.

The strategy that I have found most effective, at least on the Kurzick side, is to only worry about two of the quarries. Get the Yellow Quarry and the Purple Quarry and just semi ignore Green. You can cap it but the previous two quarries are the closest to your base. Keep your team pretty even on those, as well as having someone using "Make Haste!" on your Juggernaut and you'll do pretty well. Also, only worry about the guards that are along the path that your Juggernaut takes. They are pretty powerful and will kill it pretty fast if you don't have them taken over.

Of course, there are many other strategies, but this is the one I found most effective, even though I got chewed out and was met with sarcasm once when I tried to suggest it. That team ended up losing and I quietly laughed at them.

Overall, I loved doing JQ all weekend. I probably wouldn't do that again unless they had another double faction weekend though. It got a little tiring dealing with some people and the attitudes of some people but overall it was a great experience, even if most of the matches my team lost (not because of me though hehe). With the double faction, it didn't matter if we lost, we still got a lot of faction and that was worth it for me.

As for what build I used, I have a ranger/ele build that is so perfect for JQ. It might need some tweaking, but I find it to be pretty effective.

I would insert a screenshot here, but I'll just tell you what I used and you can try it or tweak it to your liking. I find it to be pretty effective offensively..not so much defensively though. It's also great for groups of things, which JQ has a lot of.

From left to right: Lava Arrows, Barrage, Inferno, Firestorm, Hunter's Shot, Pin Down, Storm Djinn's Haste, and Troll Ungent

Oh nevermind, here's a screenshot anyway. And yes I screencapped that because of the score..cause obviously I'm still 12 heheh.

This is a pretty decent build, especially ranged. I keep Inferno on me for when people get close to me, it helps deal a little extra damage. Pin Down is amazing and helps a ton when people are trying to flee from my rain of fire. I wish I had something that healed a little faster so I might try switching that out, but as long as I don't get hit with interrupts, it's fine. I hardly use the runspeed thing, but it does come in handy when I need it. The only thing is that it drains energy so use it when you aren't planning on attacking people. Hunter's Shot is awesome for health degen. And the other three are pretty much just for aoe damage.

I wish there was a way to tell how many people you killed because I think that would be awesome. :) I know I didn't kill a whole lot, but I was a great assist and I did kill a few people.

I was quite successful in advancing my Zkey count. I went from 65 points in the title track to 200 points in the course of the weekend. I could have gotten more but I can only take so much PvP before my brain turns to mush. That is still pretty impressive for the amount I played. For a while, I was getting a zkey every match.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience. I would like to try other builds though and maybe other characters as well. I would have to run them there, but I think it would be worth it. I saw some amazing players that pulverized me into the ground and all I could think of was what their builds were and if would be easy to get them, as I wiped the dirt out of my mouth and got back up to try to take them on again.

Oh and for the record, my least favorite opponents were Assasins, Mesmers, Dervishes, and Necros. Absolutely frustrating to go up against, especially one on one. Massive respect to the people who played those well, though. I admire your skill.

So yeah, that's about it for this blog post. Sorry it's so long and wordy, it's been a while since I posted so I figured I would make up for it a little :)

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