Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wintersday Wrap-up

I'm back from my hiatus! Sorry it took a bit longer than I expected, I caught the flu which turned into a bronchial cough thing. It has been a most unpleasant experience. But I am back now! This is going to be a relatively short blog since I am working on a nice long feather farming guide :)

So this was my first Wintersday and I was introduced to the wonders of Automated Snowball Tournaments, or ATs as they are generally called. The beauty of these things is that you can participate or not participate if you want. You can have an entire team go afk (except for one person to hit "Join" during each round so you don't get disqualified). You get tourney points if you lose which you can use to spend on zkeys. You get 20 points if you lose the tourney and that gets you 4 zkeys. This was a great way to farm zkeys for the title or for selling. I used it for the title and went from  200 points in my title track to getting it to rank 3 which is 1,000 points. And I ended up with even more that I have sold and it has helped fund some of my other Hall of Monuments stuff. It was great!

Other than that, I did a few of the quests and a few of the dungeons in hope that I would get the mini polar bear such luck on that one lol, but it is super rare. Ahh well :) It was still fun. I found Straight to the Heart to be a bit easier than Strength of Snow, only because you got Grenches to help you kill the snowmen. Strength of Snow was definitely faster, but I found myself dying more with that one.

I also ended up getting the Wintersday Festival Hats and they are quite lovely! I wish we could dye the scarves, but they are still really cool, as is the hood (which can be dyed).

Overall, much fun was had by all. I even went to a few parties and had a blast, as usual. It was a wonderful first Wintersday and I hope they have similar events in Guild Wars 2. I look forward to hopefully spending my next one there :)

Until tomorrow (or whenever I get around to finishing my feather guide's about a quarter of the way done, but don't quote me on that since I'm not very good at math haha!)

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