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Feathers feathers everywhere!

I'm back! Sorry my hiatus was a little longer than expected. I actually caught the flu which turned into a bronchitis kind of thing. I have finally felt well enough to post a blog and this one is going to be worth the wait! Yes, it's the feather farming guide I promised! Woohoo!

First, let me go over the equipment and skills you are going to need...then I'm going to give you a step by step walkthrough of the route I take..in pictures! Yes, I went through my route and took pictures of where I went, what I took with me, and how many feathers I actually got.

Also, this guide is for an Elementalist/Mesmer build. I was given this build and the equipment specs by a guildie and this has worked for him and works very well for me. For this, you don't have to be level 20, but it definitely helps. I also did this in Normal Mode, but if you want a challenge and more shot at better loot, you can try it in Hard Mode. The equipment specs are also really good for Vaettr farming as well, but I have a different build for that. I will do a guide on that as well, if there's interest for it. I don't generally do Vaettr farming because it's a little more difficult to get to and it's very nerve-wracking getting there. Once you are there, it's fine, but getting there is kinda scary. You also have to be level 20 and be able to access HM for effective Vaettr farming.

Anyway, on with the guide!

So here I am starting out in Lion's Arch.

This is what I usually carry on me when I go out for a run. I have two salvage kits only because the one on top only had 3 left. I generally take one salvage kit and one ID kit with me in case I start running out of room and need to figure out what I need to ditch or salvage. I also take along an expert salvage kit as well, but for this run I didn't bring it along.

You will notice that I'm in the Asian Japanese district. I tend to have really good luck in this one or the Korean one as far as getting golds and feathers to drop for me. Sadly, I didn't have that much luck on this run. I didn't get any golds to drop, but usually I have anywhere from 1-4 drop for me. I would try several districts, some might be luckier for you. I find the Asian ones are generally lucky for me. Your results may vary.

I didn't take screenshots of all the skills since this guide is already going to be pretty screenshot heavy, but here is the Elite skill and I will list and link all of them so you know where to get them.

So this is Shockwave and this is one of the recently updated skills for the Elementalist. Let me just say, it's awesome. Like 100x more awesome than it previously was. I love the update to it and it makes a lot of the killing go much faster. I have a few before and after screen shots I will show later on, but for now let me just list the rest of my skills.

From left to right:

  1. Aura of Restoration
  2. Stoneflesh Aura
  3. Stone Striker
  4. Mantra of Earth
  5. Flame Djinn's Haste
  6. Silver Armor
  7. Shockwave
  8. Aftershock
Also, here's the attributes you are going to need. Some are higher than you might have already due to the equipment which I'll go over next.

So there's the attributes, now on to the equipment. You are going to want the highest level equipment you can get. You don't have to have any elite armor, it just has to be the one with the highest amount of armor on it. I just got the highest level Istani gear and that works for me.

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 So first thing is the "helm" and on this I have a Rune of Major Earth Magic, and a Geomancer's Insignia. On the rest of the armor, all you need is the Geomancer Rune. Pretty simple, huh?

I use a 2 hander. If you think you can get better stats with two one handers, go for it. It was just recommended to me to use a 2H so that's what I've done here and it works quite fine for me.

Ok! You have your gear, you have your skills, now let's go kill some Tengu!


First, you're going to come out and you want to take your immediate left and head over the bridge, like so:

There are usually enemies here, either Tengu or Bog Skales or Fire Imps, it changes every time. I think I killed them or they were over the bridge when I took this.

So after you cross the bridge, make an immediate right.

And head up that hill toward the fire imps (feel free to slaughter them too, they drop Glowing Hearts which can be salvaged for granite slabs for Destroyer Weapons)

After you get up the hill, you will come into a little valley with a Resurrection Shrine. You might visit this shrine several times until you get the hang of the farming, I know I did heheh.

As soon as you get around that corner, you want to take the first left you can up a little hill. You can actually keep going straight if you want, but I find this to be the most effective route and it minimizes the potential for dying because of the way the mobs move. If you find the other way better, go for it!

On the hill tend to be Fire Imps but they are pretty easy to dispatch. Just be careful when you are up on the top because there are Tengu that roam close to the hill and if you aren't prepared for them, they can overwhelm you, especially if there are Tengu Wilds, which interrupt and do all kinds of crazy damage. Just always be aware of your surroundings and where the mobs are moving.

So once you have cleared the little hill here, you can go over the other side of it and start clearing the valley, I stick to the edge since that's where most of the mobs are. They sometimes roam randomly, but they are pretty much on the edge and they roam too. I always have ctrl and alt held down so I can see mobs and loot I might have missed.

Go after the Wilds first. Before you go after the Wilds, make sure you put all of your buffs up since they interrupt. 1-4 and 6 are what I put up before I attack them. Also, make sure you hit them with Storm Dijin's Haste first since they tend to interrupt your first or second spell, then go for Shockwave or Aftershock. You also want to make sure you keep number 1, 3, and 4 up at all times since those will save your life. It's a good idea to just keep hitting the skills as the pop up, except the last two(unless you are near mobs at the time since those are your main damage spells).

So just keep running around this little valley here, you can go up in this little alcove and kill the Fire Imps, but it's totally up to you. I do it if they are close enough, but don't usually bother with them.

After the alcove, just keep continuing around the edge of the valley here, killing any Tengu that might wander into your path.

Here's another little alcove that is usually heavily populated with Tengu. Sometimes they clump up in there and there are multiple Tengu Wilds in there. I would just wait until some of them clear out first before taking them on. Sometimes getting multiple Tengu Wilds can be very difficult. It is doable with about 2, but any more than that, and you will most likely die.

Action shot! hehe

After the alcove, keep going in the direction, following the wall.

That looks like a ton of Tengu, but they are mostly wanderers and they will disperse a bit so don't worry too much, you can take them! They will come down the hill so just take them out and head up the hill where you will find 4 stationary Tengu.

So after you dispatch them, just backtrack a little and head left as soon as you can to the other side of the valley. You're almost done!

Oh this is what your inventory might look like by now, especially if you pick up everything like me. 

So yes, I died. It happens, even to people who have been doing this a while. It does take practice, but most of the time I can do this run without dying. Although when I was starting out, there were times when I would get down to -60% but I would still finish the run because I'm stubborn heh. You can bring items with you to reduce or get rid of your debt, but I tend to just keep going. It's not a very long run and once you get it down, you can get through it without dying pretty easily.

Anyway, continuing on, just keep going up that little hill and kill all of the Tengu there.

Oh this is showing the route I took so far, up to the point where I died. If you die, just go the same route you took back to where you died. I find it easier than running straight back so I don't end up running into mobs I wasn't expecting.

Revenge! Take that Tengu scum! hehehe.

So here you can see the full route I took. It's never the exact same, but it's close enough. I just go where the majority of the Tengus are. There are wanderers that you might have to go a little off this path to find sometimes, but for the most part they tend to stick around here.

And here's a gratuitous loot shot! Sometimes it is much fuller than that, and sometimes I get less than that, but I also pick up everything (whites, blues, purples, etc) so yours might vary.

And after all the feathered scalps have been salvaged, I ended up with a measly 45 feathers. Now, you might think this is actually a good haul, but I've come back with almost 100 feathers before and I average anywhere from 50-75 feathers on a run, including the feathers from the feathered scalps. This just wasn't a very good run. I did end up going back the other day and I had a much better run so it just all depends. I can get a stack of feathers in about 3-4 runs and a run takes about 30 mins or so (I haven't actually timed it though so this is purely speculative). Feathers sell for anywhere from 8-10k and if you get 7 golds you can sell them for 5k (as long as they are unidentified! Make sure you don't accidentally ID them). I generally sell my feathers for 9k and then the golds and it's an easy 14k right there.

So that concludes the feather farming guide! I hope it was helpful and if you need any help in game, feel free to PM me. My main is Dragonof Chaos, but if I'm not on that one, feel free to bug me on whoever I"m on.  I'm always willing to help people out if they need it. Enjoy and good luck!

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