Sunday, January 8, 2012

Small Hiatus

Hey everyone who reads my blog!

I am on a short hiatus from the game and the blog. I just need a few days to recharge my batteries after the marathon playing of Wintersday fun. I've also been doing some real life stuff like hanging out with my mom and getting ready for classes which start in a few weeks.

I should be back to normal the day after tomorrow (Jan 9th) and I'm going to start working on a feather farming guide to help people earn money.

After that, I will also be doing a belated write-up of my experience with the Snowball Automated Tournaments (ATs) and Wintersday in general.

Also, quick update on my Hall of Monuments journey: I have all my rubies for my Vabby armor, I just need 11 more Sapphires. I am also still needing an armbrace and to finish the Prophecies campaign.

So I'm still pretty much in the same spot. I want to get to 30 before I go back to school.

Anyway, I will see you all in a few days when I do my feather farming blog!

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