Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't be a Bookah!

So I had my first real "foot-in-mouth" moment last night in regards to the Asura and one of the writers for Guild Wars 2.

When I was writing the blog I posted earlier, I was trying to get to the Guild Wars 2 website so I could get to the blog post about the upcoming release. Apparently, the website had other ideas. So I mentioned it on Twitter and got a response from Peter Fries, one of the writers. I then casually mentioned how it was probably an Asura "mucking things up". Yeah...wrong choice of words on that one.

My mentions started blowing up. I had @HeyBookah @Sharn_Vendeta @Lady_Gallo and a couple of others chiming in and retweeting things I said or said to me by Peter. Holy moly. That was embarrassing.

Damage control mode engaged almost immediately. Apologies were flying everywhere. I was incredibly remorseful of my comments tossed so carelessly about.

Granted, it was all in jest, and it is very, very hard to convey tone or emotion over text (I should know this by now, been in this situation before), but I still felt very bad about it. I felt guilty that I had inadvertently insulted one of the writers of Guild Wars 2, who quite possibly worked on Asura dialogue so knew them better than I did.

That being said, what I was trying to do was compare Asura to gnomes and make a gnome joke. Anyone who really knows me, knows I hate gnomes. I used to have a running gag in EverQuest 1 with a gnome where every time I saw her in the zone I would /ooc /punt and she would respond. It was fun while it lasted and then I quit the game. I wonder what ever happened to that little gnome...

Anyway, back on topic. Yes, gnomes. I now know there is no comparison between gnomes and Asura. Gnomes tend to mess things up (although some would disagree and say they fix things) and Asura are tiny geniuses who can fix anything. In fact, I'm sure Google Chrome (my browser of choice) employs a few of them.

So yeah, don't insult the Asura. Don't compare them to gnomes. Lesson learned.

These are puntable:

These, not so much (the golems tend to not be very fond of people who try to punt their masters):

Edit: I also plan on making an Asura Warrior when Guild Wars 2 launches (always planned it, but now even more so in order to learn more about them since I am obviously clueless).

Edit 2: So Peter, the gentleman that he is, tweeted me that he didn't mean to attack me (awww...) and was just trying out a quick Asura voice exercise. I told him it was very effective and I didn't feel attacked at all, just a bit overwhelmed by the response it garnered.

For the record, I'm not at all offended/upset about any of this. This is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun post. Reading through it, though, I can see how it could get a little misconstrued and I apologize if I gave that impression.
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