Monday, November 21, 2011

Hall of Monuments Secret Santa thingy

So I found out about this secret santa thing that Talktyria is doing and I think I'm going to sign up for it even though I'm pretty poor and I pity the person that gets me hehe.  Not really. I'm sure I could pull something off. I don't really mind farming stuff as long as I know where to farm and it's not too hard to get to.

I have to make my wish list and put 10 things on it. This is pretty easy. The hard part is going to be deciding what is the most expensive of those since at least 4 of those things that I want is pretty expensive...considering I only have 14 points in my HoM.

5 of the points I need, I just need to finish the 3 campaigns and get the masters/bonuses in one of them. I also need the pvp title which I plan to get zkeys for. so that's actually 8 points. I think the thing I would want the most would be zkeys since I don't really want to grind/buy those. But then the thought occurred to me that I should ask for stuff for an armor set instead. Either Vabbian/Obsidian or Kurzick since those give me one point each and then getting 3 sets of armor would give me another point. I already have one set, the ancient armor which looks really awesome on my ranger, by the way.  I just want to get the three sets since 5 sets seems a little too far out of my reach. Although, once I have 3, I could probably get 5 pretty easily.  Eh...we'll see.

Anyway, looking through my HoM, I would also want to get a Tormented and Destroyer weapon for one point each. Then for the mini pet section, I just need a unique and a rare and I'll be happy with that. I can't remember what else I want right now but I think that will get me to 25 points which is all I really want right now. One of my guildies keeps pushing me to go for 30 but after 25, there's nothing I really want. Although, it's super tempting. I just don't want to have to grind titles so I would have to figure out a different way to get to 30...probably more hero statues...those are actually the easiest for me to obtain.

So got a little off topic, but as far as my wish list goes (and I'm going to post this on their forum too) it would probably go something like this:

1. vabbian or obsidian or kurzick armor (for a ranger, have regular mats, would just need rares) SS came through with the Amber chunks I needed. Awesomesauce.
2. 200 zkeys (Still working toward this..about halfway through Rank 2 currently) DONE! Woohoo!
3. Destroyer weapon Got this one by myself.
4. tormented weapon
5. Rare mini Was given 2 on the day of the gift exchange. Dedicated one, not sure what I'm doing with the other one yet.
6. help with acquiring black moa chick  Got this one thanks to my guild and myself
7. three more hero armors 2 were given by the Secret Santa (who ended up being my SS)
8. help completing bonuses/masters in one or two campaigns reworked it so I don't need these anymore.

I have done a pretty good job thus far of filling out my HoM on my own. I think the thing I would want the most is the zkeys though. The armor I could live without but 3 points for the pvp title, there is no way I can pass that up. So yeah..that's pretty much my wish list. I hope I can get at least one of those things..any of them would help a lot and would be one less thing I would have to get myself...especially the zkeys or armor. The rest of the stuff, I'm not really worried about but those two things would be a huge help.

Edit: This is going to be edited as I get these things. It's going to help keep me organized for what I still need in order to reach 30 points. If anyone would want to donate or trade me any of these items, that would be awesome. I would welcome it. Just let me know in game: Dragonof Chaos

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