Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Origin of Kitty Food

(what does this have to do with Guild Wars? You'll see at the bottom!)

So my SO will probably kill me for telling people this, but what's life without the threat of bodily harm, eh? (that's a joke by the way, he can't actually harm me, I'm bigger than him)

Anyway, so I say random things to him and one thing I say constantly is, "The kitty's going to eat you!". I don't even know where this evolved from or where in my twisted mind it came from, but it got a reaction out of him so I kept doing it.

Then one day, my brain connected that phrase with the words Kitty Food and that's now his new nickname (which he hates...sorta).

Thus, on Guild Wars, my necromancer was born! I was totally shocked when it worked..I thought for sure someone had taken that name...but I guess no one is as twisted or warped as I am. And they don't live with someone whose pet name is Kitty Food.

Oh also, according to the Chinese zodiac, I'm a Tiger and he's a Monkey...yeah..Kitty Food!

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