Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anonymous survey for a school project

I'm doing this project for school on harassment of female gamers.

The below survey has questions for both males and females. It's very short! I promise it will only take maybe 5 minutes, probably less.

Click here to take survey

If you  have a story of harassment you would like to share, please contact me on here or on Twitter. If you can, DM me. I'd like to keep it anonymous, but if you have no problem sharing who you are.

I would also like to find any males willing to admit to harassing a female online. Or did you ever have an experience where you were accused of harassing a female but you thought you were just being nice? I will keep this completely anonymous since this is going to be a project for school.

Twitter is the best way to contact me. I can send you my email through a DM. Or if you want, I think I can contact you on here. I just don't want to give my email out.

Anyway, I'll look around for a survey, but in the meantime, if I can get some responses for this, that would be awesome. I need it by this Saturday the 7th. I'll find a survey poll thing by tomorrow afternoon.

Also, please share this with as many people as you can!


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