Sunday, February 19, 2012

Canthan New Year (picture heavy!)

Sorry this is so delayed, I've been busy in real life (school is kicking into high gear!) and then my birthday rolled around (on the 11th) and I got some new video games (Skyward Sword!) and yeah...that's where I've been. I've been meaning to write this for a while, but have just now got around to it.

But better late than never, right?

So Canthan New Year began on the 2nd of February and ended on the 5th.

I would have logged on at the beginning of the event, Thursday, but I was surprisingly busy that weekend. Highly unusual for me, actually. I usually have at least Thursday and Friday free to game or do whatever, but that weekend things just kept coming up. Enough of about my personal life, though. You want to hear about my escapades in the game!

So since I only had a limited amount of time, I just started doing quests to get fortunes so I could get my Celestial Dragon mini pet. I wanted this thing more than anything else! I love dragons, my name is Dragonof Chaos, it had to be mine!  I had been reading all weekend how people were getting multiple pets and I figured I would be lucky enough like them, right? Ha! I have terrible luck when it comes to those things.

However, I was lucky enough after multiple fortunes to finally get my own pet! I tried to get one of my friends a pet since he had worse luck than me, but my luck had run out. More on that later. First, pictures!

Oh hai guys! 

The main event of this was the finale where you feed the celestial dragon and it comes and blesses you (if it's pleased with the meal you prepare) with gifty things and the Lion's Mask. The shot above was from one of the ones I caught (I actually caught a couple of them but was intent on getting my mini). I took a LOT of screen shots of this event. You will probably see in others that my chat is filled with screen shot spam. I can't even tell you a number because I am afraid to count them. Just trust me when I say a lot.

At some point, a bunch of little Kuuna's arrive and they all have a party!

They make several circles around the area before they disappear. It's an awesome experience!

Fireworks and Dragons, can you think of anything better? :)

So after that, I took a little break from questing for my mini pet and did some sight seeing. Here is Kamaden (in one of the Asian districts so I could get some clear screen shots).

Posing with the dragon..I think I'm more terrifying (don't let him hear me say that!).

I thought this was really cool. It was all glowy and red on the ground in this area. I loved it.

Dragon Season group pic! 

Tilion (or other DS people) feel free to snag these if you want!

Got a few angles. I'm nothing if not thorough :)

Getting down with the guildy, Rit style!

I didn't even realized I had snagged such a fantastic shot until now. 

More gratuitous dragon'd think I like dragons or something...

Here you can see where it actually explodes in all the little Kuunas. 

I have tons and tons more dragon screenshots, but these are really the best of them :) The rest of my screens are going to be of Shing Jea and the decorations. Most of the screenshots take place in Shing Jea unless otherwise noted.

Hey my guildies/alliance! :)

This and the following pictures are from the Shing Jea Boardwalk and surrounding areas (it's a huge area!)

Some of the boardwalk games

Fantastic views!

Fireworks over Shing Jea :)

More posing with more dragons.

Fierce! Happy Canthan New Year and Year of the Dragon!

That about wraps it up! I feel bad that I didn't have a lot of time to do much else. I wanted to try the Rollerbeetle Racing, too. It just didn't work out this year. I hope they bring this event and all it's fun into Guild Wars 2 for next year! I will definitely take advantage of it then. I just wish I had more time to experience this one as well. 

Also, I ended up with an extra undedicated mini dragon! (Long story short, Tilion and I bought it for a friend who didn't have one yet and by the time we could give it to him, he had one) So what does one do with an extra mini dragon?!  Why, they have a contest, of course! 

I am co-hosting an Art and Literature contest with Dragon Season! The deadline is in 10 days (the 29th) and the details are here! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me! You can usually find me on Twitter @moosefaces or you can reply here. I frequent both these places. Or you can find me at that link as well. I am a mod there as well. Good luck!

A very Happy Year of the Dragon to you! 

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